Elite Business & Career Coaching provides coaching, consulting, and facilitation to corporations, nonprofit organizations, and governmental agencies that are designed to meet their unique needs. Cookie cutter solutions and templates are not a standard of practice for our corporate collaborations.

The Elite model begins with a laser intensive discovery meeting to confirm challenges, successes, and priorities.  Afterward, we co-create a plan of action, measures of success and evaluation, a calendar for milestones, and a communications plan.


Developing Success for Women of Color - organizational leaders staff will learn, develop, and create an action plan to ensure women of color have the skills, tools, resources, and network to reach the highest levels of your organization.  

Leadership Development - using organizational development principles, strategies, and best practices I coach leaders to increase their leadership skills based on the organization's leadership competency expectations. Audiences can include: C-Suite/Executive, Directors, Managers, New Managers, and Emerging Leaders.

Team Development - teams can be guided to interact more authentically to build and maintain trust, synergy, collaborative problem-solving, and to effectively execute organizational priorities.

Coordination and Facilitation of Organizational Team/Staff Retreats - strategic retreats and all staff meetings can be designed, organized, implemented, and facilitated to provide time for teams to celebrate successes, deepen internal relationships, and participate in professional development.

Strategic Planning Facilitation - key strategic partners can be led through a structured process to align key metrics, people, resources, and measures to drive impact and growth.

Professional Development/Training Facilitation/Keynote Presentations - high energy, skills based, and action oriented experiential learning and presentations (not lecture style) can be provided for a variety of leaders and staff on organizational and human performance topics selected by the organization.

Corporate Prices

are based on the services and scope of our collaboration. Bundled packages are the most cost effective.

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