"The Elite Womanpreneur" is a series designed uniquely for women of color to excel in their business ownership goals! Results include increased profits & sales, market position and performance, and more! 

The Virtual Intensive:

The Virtual Intensive is perfect for the business owner that wants to solve her most pressing business challenges with a step-by-step action plan that leads to results, challenges overcome, and goals met.  The content of the Intensive is driven by the your needs.  

It includes:

One 90 minute virtual strategy meeting to review your business vision; and begin the initial steps in developing a plan to meet your most immediate challenge and goals (examples > brand development, increase sales and market visibility and positioning, nurture current customers, grow your customer base, etc.)

Another 90 minute virtual strategy meeting to finalize your step-by-step action plan that addresses your top goals and unique challenges.  

By the end of the Intensive you will have an actionable plan that guides you through the what, when and how to implement based on your goals, challenges, brand, customers, and budget.

"I absolutely recommend Elite Leadership Coaching by Andrea. I knew that I wanted to start a nonprofit, but I truly didn’t know where to start. Andrea walked me through the process step-by-step. She provided guidance on starting a nonprofit, marketing strategies, establishing boards and by-laws. I could not have done this without her help and I’m forever grateful!"

R. Davis - Jacksonville, FL

Do you have a dream to start or grow your business?

Are you ready to go from business dream to reality?

The Elite Womanpreneur is a signature coaching  solution that will support you in getting results such as making sales through social media, pricing for profits, selling with confidence, and creating raving repeat customers.  Get started to be fearless in growing or getting your business started!

When I began working with Andrea she asked the tough questions, the questions that we sometimes try to avoid. You know all the: what, why and how come questions. Not only does she ask the questions, but she asks in such a way that really causes you to think and make sure you're reflecting and digging deep to move toward what you want out of life. Andrea provided me with the tools I need to make sure I was fully aware of what was needed for the next step. She helped to ease my uncertainties; her calm voice of reason helped when my thoughts were all over the place. I strongly recommend Andrea!

Trin Browning, Atlanta, GA

I  have been empowered to take control and grow my business. Thank you for sharing your success and your willingness to help others!

    A. Steele, Fayetteville, GA