You may feel stuck, unclear, or that you have more to give to elevate in your career or business. I am here to help!

Elite Business & Career Coaching guides you in developing and living in a compelling career or business that increases your income, position, sales and profits.

While receiving accolades, awards, and making impact in leadership positions all over the U.S., I had a nagging sense of feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and, most of all, that I could do more.  In addition, I was not always surrounded by leaders that were honest, trustworthy, appreciative, or interested in helping me to become a better leader.  So I decided to take things into my own hands! I began to figure out ways to work on my confidence, professional presence, and leadership skills. I took the initiative to apply for a leadership program that was offered by an employer. I was doubtful I would be accepted because I was so young in my career and didn't have a lot of work experience, but I was! And things began to change for me because I decided to take what I learned and apply it each day I showed up for work. It wasn't always easy. Sometimes, I wanted to do what everyone else was doing, but I kept my eye on my goal of rising to an executive level position in my career.  And, over time, I did! And I became THE person people came to for business and leadership coaching, support, advice, resources, and accountability.  

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My career has afforded me several successful high level leadership opportunities including starting a consulting company that generated six figures; and serving as a Director of Training for a statewide nonprofit, a Program Consultant for Georgia's Division of Public Health overseeing 18 Public Health Districts, a Project Director for a Centers for Disease Control grant funded project in three large U.S. metropolitan cities, and as Director of Organizational Development for a large county health department (over 500 agency employees and overseeing a department budget of $1.1M). 

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As an 18 year Business Consultant, I have traveled across the United States developing strategy for businesses, nonprofits, and governmental agencies with a focus on underserved populations.. 

The heart of Elite Business & Career Coaching focuses on helping our clients to start or rebrand their business or career with THE solid foundation that many women of color may not know or may have skipped over that causes business and career missteps.  

Our business owner clients consistently build businesses with results such as products and services that really sell, pricing that equal profits, selling with confidence and effective strategies, and marketing that leads to a boss brand presence and raving, repeat customers. 

Our career coaching clients build a personal plan, knowledge, skills, behaviors, clarity and confidence to power through navigating an upward progression in their career and income, including wading through the systemic issues that may be impeding their success.

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We serve our clients through 1:1 and group coaching, courses, training, workshops, and keynote presentations.

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