Hi I am glad you are here!

I am Andrea White, CEO of Elite Business & Career Coaching 

(formerly Elite Leadership Coaching by Andrea)

You are in the right place if you are a motivated and ambitious woman of color career professional, or aspiring or current business owner.  

Women of color face unique circumstances to advance in career and business ownership. My company is pulling back the veil for women of color to win in career and business ownership through research and best practices, courses, coaching, community, social media, digital downloads, and more!  

The Elite Coaching process is based on your goals, leadership and business best practices, real-world solutions, and accountability. 

Our career clients consistently get results in securing promotions and increased pay. 

Our business owner clients get results such as attracting customers that becoming raving fans and repeat buyers, increased marketing presence, position, and performance, monetizing social media, and more sales & profits. 

Increased clarity, confidence, and professional presence will thrust you into the professional position and income or business performance and profits you deserve!  

Five Strategies to Power Through Bias, Microaggression, & Invisibility

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